Wisdom Capital Review 2021: Brokerage, Fee, Margin, Trading Platform
wisdom capital reveiw

Wisdom Capital Review 2021: Brokerage, Fee, Margin, Trading Platform

Last updated – January 07, 2021

Wisdom Capital is getting popular due to its zero brokerage plan where you get delivery as well as trading totally free.  Their most popular plan Freedom plan offers you free trading and delivery in all the segments including equities, commodities, and derivatives.

Wisdom Capital also offers financial planning services to help you achieve your financial goals with systematic investment strategies.

Let’s do a detailed review of Wisdom capital Demat & Trading Account

Wisdom Capital Brokerage Charges 

Wisdom Capital offers 3 brokerage plans- Freedom Plan, Pro Plan, and Ultimate Plan.

Wisdom Capital Freedom Plan

Freedom is free of cost plan designed for new traders or long term investors. You don’t have to pay any brokerage on any trade segment except if you avail call and trade facility. Wisdom capital charges Rs 20/Order in call and trade option.

Wisdom Capital Pro Plan

You have to pay 0.005% per order for delivery as well as intraday in equities and Rs. 9/order in F&O in Pro plan. Pro plan is designed for experienced traders who want to enjoy a high margin and advanced trading tools for their day trading. 

Wisdom Capital Ultimate Plan

If you are a highly active trader, the ultimate plan is for you. You have to pay 0.007% per order for delivery as well as intraday in the equities. You will pay brokerage at the price of Rs. 15/lot in options, 0.005% in futures, and 0.02% in Equity cash segment under the ‘Ultimate’ plan.

You get up to 60x margin leverage in the ultimate plan.

The comparison of all three wisdom capital plans are

Brokerage PlansFreedom PlanPro PlanUltimate Plan
Brokerage in NSE Equities00.01% Intraday &Delivery0.02% Intraday &Delivery
Brokerage in NSE Future0Rs 9/TradeFuture:0.005%
Brokerage in Options0Rs 9/TradeOptions : Rs. 15/Lot
Brokerage in MCX0Rs 9/Trade0.005% Intraday & Delivery
Call & Trade ChargesRs 20/Executed OrderRs 20/Executed OrderRs 20/Executed Order

Margin Provided by Wisdom Captial

Margin SegmentFreedom PlanPro PlanUltimate Plan
Intraday Margin In NSE CashUp to 5 TimesUp to 40 TimesUp to 60 Times
Intraday Margin In NSE Futures (MIS)1 Times6 TimesUp To 15 Times
Intraday Margin In NSE Futures (Cover Order)
Up to 20 TimesUp to 20 Times
Intraday Exposure In NSE Options1 Times1Times on Buy 6 Times on Sell.1Times on Buy Up to 15 Times on Sell.
Intraday Leverage In  MCX (MIS)1 Times6 TimesUp to 10 Times
Intraday Leverage In  MCX (BO/CO)
Up to 7 TimesUp to 14 Times
Delivery Margin In NSE Cash(BTST)1 TimesUp to 2 TimesUp to 3 Times

Wisdom Capital Annual Charges 

  • Wisdom capital account opening charges – Free
  • Demat maintenance charges – Rs. 999 (One-time charges)

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Wisdom Capital Demat & Trading Account Features 

#1. Lifetime free trading: You can enjoy Unlimited Trades free for a lifetime across all segments under the Freedom Plan.

#2. High margin leverage: You can enjoy up to 60X margin with the ultimate plan without paying any monthly charges. 

#3. Third-Party charting platform access: You can access third-party charting software’s like AmiBroker, MetaStock, Ninja Trader, MetaTrader 4 and AceCharts at nominal prices.

#4. Financial planning services: You can also avail financial planning services as add-on along with demat account to cater your wealth creation goals. You have to pay extra for financial planning services.

Benefits of Wisdom Capital Demat and Trading Account 

  • Free brokerage in all segments under Freedom Plan
  • High leverage in the pro plans at a very low cost as compared to other brokers.
  • Trading platforms available for web browser, desktop as well as smartphones.
  • Learn to trade from experts in Wisdom Capital trading school (Paid).

Cons of Wisdom Capital Demat & Trading Account 

  • You can’t invest in IPOs, mutual funds or debentures/bonds
  • Poor customer support 
  • Not as versatile and powerful trading platforms as Zerodha or Upstox.
  • Less established broker as compared to rivals with only 15000+ customer base.
  • Mobile app is not available for iPhone users.
  • No streamlined online account opening process.

Wisdom Capital Trading Platforms 

#1. Wisdom Capital Nest Trader Review

You can do real-time analysis in equities, commodities, and derivates from your pc. You can trade without delay using this powerful desktop trading software.

Wisdom Nest Trader

The benefits of NEST Trader are as below.

  • You can instantly buy or sell your orders to the stock exchanges without any delay.
  • You can create multiple watch lists and track your favorite stocks on different parameters and analyze their performance.
  • Multiple filtering options under scanners to have a better judgment of market trends.
  • You can get better trading results with effective charting options available that allow you deeper fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Get alerts on the latest market trends and news.

#2. Wisdom Capital Fox Trader Review

You can use fox trader on your desktop for advanced trading experience.

Fox trader is called an Intelligent Trading Platform equipped with advanced features like chart analysis, technical indicators, live tick screening, algorithm designing, executing automated orders, and generating trade signals.

Widsom Fox Trader

Benefits of Fox Trader Platform are

  • Complete scanning and monitoring of options, stocks, and commodities market. You can use multiple scanners with around 200+ signals, 300 + studies to understand and analyze the past data.
  • Use the semi-automatic order book features allowing pre-placement of orders as per your defined strategy.
  • Fox Trader also has an API  terminal that offers faster monitoring of the market trends and better analysis and accelerates order execution.
  • Another feature, End-of-Day Technical Analysis, gives you a detailed analysis of your actions when trading is over.
  • Allows third party terminal plugins.

#3. Wisdom Capital Review

Wisdom Trade is a web browser-based trading platform to offer you powerful features right in your chrome or safari.

Wisdom Trade is a unique platform than others. Let’s see how its better

  • An excellent order book system to view your past orders.
  • Multiple watch lists for scripts,
  • Different charts for technical analysis including Bar, Candle, Colored Bar, Hollow Candle, Line, Mountains, and more.
  • 200+ Indicators for deeper analysis of the market and individual scripts.

#4. Wisdom Pro Review

Wisdom Pro is an advanced mobile trading app that enables faster trade execution, multiple scanner facilities, and chart display right on your smartphone.

Wisdom Pro Mobile

Benefits of the Wisdom Pro trading

  • You can watch Real Market Movements
  • Access  Order history, Trades, and Net Positions
  • You can trade even on the lowest bandwidth like 2G.
  • Support for NSE and MCX exchanges. Invest in segments other than equity (F&O, Currency, Commodity).
  • 100 indicators to analyze charts for informed decision making on the go.
  • Instant trade placement and order book updates without any glitches.
  • Available in dark mode to avoid mobile battery drainage.
  • Lowest file size among other trading apps that is just 3 MB.

#5. Wisdom Capital Trader Eye Review

Wisdom capital trader eye is an Android app to enjoy a seamless trading experience.

Wisdom Capital trade eye

Main features of Trader Eye are

  • Covers all areas of trading including equity, derivatives and commodity markets in one page. 
  • Get latest updates on market indicators 
  • The watch list covers up to 200 stocks in one go. You can also access predefined watchlists like Nifty 50.
  • Informative charting features for deeper technical analysis include Heiken Ashi, Renko, Points, Figure, Candle Stick and other charting types. 
  • Fast, secure and seamless fund transfer.
  • Get price alerts and stock updates. 
  • Comprehensive reports include Profit & loss statement, Holdings report, Ledger, DP bills, Cost report, and other reports.  
  • Live market feed to make a timely buy/sell decision.

Comparison Between Wisdom Capital and Upstox and Zerodha

ServicesWisdom CapitalZerodhaUpstox
BrokerageFreedom  Plan – Zero Brokerage
Pro plan – 0.01% per order
Ultimate Plan –  0.02% per order
Only one brokerage for all customers – Flat Rs. 20/order or 0.03% (whichever is lower.)

Basic Plan – Rs. 20/order or 0.05% (whichever is lower.)
Priority plan – Rs. 30/trade (monthly charges extra).
Research and StrategyNo such strategy deployment platformZerodha’s Streak platform allows you to deploy trading strategies without any coding skills.Developers can create trading apps but coding skills required
Margin LeverageUp to 60x for ultimate plan users. Up to 8x leverage for intraday tradingUp to 20x for Priority plan users. 
Mutual Funds InvestmentDoesn’t offer mutual funds investmentZerodha offers direct mutual funds investment. (More Savings)Upstox offers regular mutual funds investment. (Pay Commission)
Bonds/Debenture InvestmentNo facility to invest in Bonds and debentures.You can invest in Bonds and debentures online.No such facility.
IPODoesn’t offer IPO investmentsFacility to invest in IPO with UPIIPO investments not available.
Special 3-in-1 AccountDoesn’t offer 3 in 1 accountIDBI bank account holders can get the 3-in-1 account but a very complex procedure to follow.Easy online 3-in-1 account opening process (anyone can apply).
Customer ServicePoor Customer ServiceGood Customer ServiceAverage Customer Service

Conclusion (Final Review)

Wisdom Capital is still in its infancy while Zerodha and Upstox have improved a lot in the recent past. If your sole purpose is to save brokerage then you go for Wisdom Capital. Otherwise, I would suggest you to choose in between Zerodha or Upstox for better trading experience.

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