HDFC Regalia First Credit Card Review 2021
HDFC Regalia First Review

HDFC Regalia First Credit Card Review 2021

Updated on – 13 Jan 2021

HDFC Regalia First is ideal for you if you are a frequent traveler and don’t want to pay high annual charges of other premium credit cards. 

HDFC Regalia First is a premium card that comes with some cool benefits, like –

  • Free airport lounge access
  • Low foreign markup fee
  • Discount on dining
  • Fuel surcharge waiver

However, the reward points redemption value is just Rs. 0.30.

Here are the major features and benefits along with complete HDFC Regalia First credit card review 2021

HDFC Regalia First Credit Card Benefits & Features 

The premium card offers your the benefits, such as –

  • 2% foreign currency mark-up fee (which is the lowest among other credit cards except Yes Bank Preferred credit card)
  • 15% discount on dining with select restaurants such as Hyatt, The Leela, Taj, or Marriott. 
  • Rs. 50 lakh life insurance cover if case of air accident 
  • Medical cover up to Rs. 10 lakh against any medical emergency in foreign countries 
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions between Rs.400 and Rs.5000

HDFC Regalia First Credit Card Welcome Gift

You will receive 1000 reward points as a welcome gift on activation of your HDFC Regalia First.  

You will also get the renewal benefit of 1000 reward points on paying the renewal fee every year. 

HDFC Regalia First Lounge Access

HDFC Regalia First offers free domestic as well as international airport lounge access every year. 

#1. Domestic lounge access 

You get 8 complimentary lounge access in domestic lounges annually but there’s a catch, the complimentary lounge access is restricted to 2 visits per quarter.

If you have an HDFC Regalia First Visa card, you have to pay a fee of Rs. 2 towards complimentary access to the domestic lounge.

On the other hand, if you have an HDFC Regalia First Mastercard , then Rs. 25 will be deducted from your account for verification purposes but that will be reversed later on.

#2. International lounge access 

You get 3 complimentary lounge access in international lounges through priority pass. You can enjoy food and drinks in the lounge and relax while waiting for your flight.

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HDFC Regalia First Reward Points

You earn 4 reward points on every Rs. 150 spent. There are some milestone benefits in the form of reward points if you hit the milestone within a year.

  • You will earn 5,000 reward points on spending Rs. 3,00,000 within one year
  • If you spend Rs. 6,00,000 in one year, then you will receive additional 2,500 reward points, a total of 7,500 reward points
  • 10x reward points on your travel and shopping if spent through SmartBuy

HDFC Regalia First Priority Pass

HDFC Regalia First Priority Pass

You can apply for a priority pass if you have done 4 transactions on your credit card. You and your addon member can jointly enjoy lounge access using the priority pass.

There’s no additional cost for additional members to enjoy complimentary visits but primary and addon members both will get 3 free lounge access jointly.

After completing the 3 complimentary visits, you (or your additional members) have to pay $27+taxes for further access. 

HDFC Regalia First Credit Card Annual Fee

HDFC Regalia First is a premium credit card that comes with a nominal annual fee of Rs. 1000. When you pay the annual fee, you get 1000 reward points against the annual fee worth Rs 300.

  • Annual fee for 1st year – Rs. 1000 
  • Renewal fee (2nd-year onwards) – Rs. 1000 per annum

HDFC Regalia Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver

You get an annual fee waiver if you spend Rs. 1,00,000 within 12 months from the date of card activation which means you don’t have to pay the next year’s renewal fee.

You can easily get your annual fee waived every year if your monthly spendings are around Rs. 10,000 per month.

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How To Make HDFC Regalia First Credit Card Lifetime Free

There is no straight way to make Regalia First a lifetime free card. The only possibility is that if the bank offers you a lifetime free Regalia First credit card. 

You can ask the bank for making it lifetime free. If you are a regular customer of HDFC bank, they can consider giving you lifetime free Regalia  First. 

The bank may also ask you to pay a one-time fee to get it free for a lifetime, you can go for that option because even paying a nominal fee one-time will give you a superior credit card free for the whole life.

If you have a monthly expenditure of Rs. 10,000 from credit card, then HDFC Regalia First virtually becomes a lifetime free credit card for you.

HDFC Regalia First Credit Card Reward Points Redemption

#1. Regalia Rewards

Your 1 reward point is worth Rs 0.30 and you can redeem the reward points on provides you a list of things for your day-to-day needs such as  mobile recharges, hotel or flight bookings or you can purchase any product against the reward points from the catalog.

The HDFC Regalia First rewards product catalog includes categories like  mobiles, cameras, personal care, and many more products.

You can see the snapshot below to get an idea –

hdfc regalia reward catalog

Reward points are valid for 2 years from the date of accumulation. You can check the reward catalog.

#2. Cashback

You can redeem the reward points as a statement credit, in simple words, cashback to your bank account.

For example, if you have 1,00,000  Regalia reward points,  you will get the money transferred to your bank account as statement credit will be as given below.

Reward points – 1,00,000

Redemption value – 0.30P

Amount to be credited – 1,00,000 *0.30 = Rs. 30,000

If you find something in the rewards catalogue then go for that as you would get better redemption value than cashback.

#3. Airmiles 

You can also redeem Regalia rewards points as airmiles to book flight tickets with domestic or international airlines. You can book with Inter Miles, Air India, or Kris Flyer.

You can redeem reward points into airmiles with different companies as below:

  • Air India converts 140 reward points into 100 airmiles 
  • Inter Miles converts 130 reward points into 100 Inter Miles 
  • Kris Flyer redeems 1.3 reward points into 1 Kris Flyer Mile

HDFC Regalia First Credit Card Limit

You would get Regalia’s first credit card limit around Rs. 3 lakh and the rest depends on your spending habits and how long you have been using the card.

HDFC usually increases the limit every 6 months if you use the credit card on a regular basis and pay the credit card bill on time.

How To Apply HDFC Regalia First Credit Card 

Follow the below steps to apply for HDFC Regalia First credit card.

  • Go to the HDFC Regalia website using this link
  • Click on “Apply Online”.
How To Apply HDFC Regalia First Credit Card
  • Fill the details
How To Apply HDFC Regalia First Credit Card
  • Click on ‘Submit’ 

You will get a call from a representative, and he will explain the benefits of Regalia First and then ask you to keep your documents ready for  in-person verification. 

Once in-person verification is done, you will get your HDFC Regalia First card via courier.

How To Apply HDFC Regalia First Credit Card

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Is HDFC Regalia First Card Good (Final Words)

HDFC Regalia First credit card is best for you if you need a premium card without paying a high credit card annual fee, along with complimentary lounge access. 

If you are an occasional traveler within the country or abroad, then this card is highly suitable for you because you not only get the free lounge access but also enjoy the low markup fee. 

However, if your annual spendings are between Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh, then you should go for HDFC Regalia which will offer you more benefits as compared to Regalia First.

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