Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card Review 2022
Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card Review

Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card Review 2022

Spend More & Save More is one thing fully merited on Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card. Amex Platinum Travel credit card is one of the best credit cards available for travelers in India because of its bonus offers.

If you are a regular traveler, then believe me Platinum travel credit card is the must one for you.

Just check the bonus offers only and you will come to know why I am saying this.

Bonus Offers

  • Enjoy the welcome gift of 5000 bonus milestones redeemable for a travel voucher worth Rs 4000.
  • Spend 1.90 lakh in a year and get travel vouchers worth Rs 6000 (valid for 6 months) with regular reward points redeemable to travel vouchers worth Rs. 1,700. Total benefit – Rs. 7,700.
  • Spend 4 lakh in a year and get additional 10,000 milestones redeemable for travel vouchers worth Rs 10,000 (valid for 6 months) with regular rewards points redeemable for travel vouchers worth Rs. 1,800. Total benefit – Rs. 11,800.
  • On spending 4 lakh also get a gift voucher from Taj group worth Rs 10,000 ( valid for 6 months)

Let’s Calculate the percentage of bonus offer on spending 4 lakh a year.

Fee & Charges

First Year Annual Fee – Rs 3500

Renewal Fee – Rs 5000

Interest Rate – 40.20%

Let’s Know More About Amex Platinum Credit Card

Other Benefits

  • Earn 1 membership reward point for every Rs 50 spends except fuel, insurance, utility bill payment and cash transaction
  • Enjoy 4 complimentary visits to per year to 29 airport lounges in 12 cities across India
  • Get 10% discounts on flight booking with Etihad Airlines.
  • Enjoy up to 20% off every time you dine at select restaurant partners.
  • The redemption value of 1 reward point is = INR 0.40.

What To Do With Reward Points?

You don’t have to decide in a hurry because you will have a period of 4 years to redeem your reward points. The reward points are valid for 4 years.

That’s amazing, you can plan a foreign trip by collecting for a longer period.

The redemption value of 1 reward point is = INR 0.40.

You can redeem them by choosing from over 600 other redemption options ( redemption value will vary depending upon the item redeemed).

Redeem Bonus Milestone Membership Reward Points

Redeem your bonus reward points in a very simple way through the American express credit card rewards portal.

Amex Platinum Travel credit Card Review

Check Your Eligibility

  • The applicant should be of more than 18 years old.
  • The applicant should have a personal income of INR 6 lakh or more ( for both salaried and self-employed).
  • Must have a good credit history.
  • For self-employed, the business has been trading for more than 12 months.

Documents Required

  • Identity Card.
  • Address proof.
  • 1 passport size photograph.
  • Salaried class- latest one-month salary slip.
  • Self Employed Businessmen- Latest IT Return with the computation of income.
  • Self Employed Professionals – Latest IT return.

Should You Apply For Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card?

Amex platinum travel credit card comes with an annual fee of Rs 5000. For the first year, you will get a gift voucher of Rs 4000 but from second year you will get nothing on renewal.

So, from the second year, let’s calculate the spend based benefit

You can see clearly if you spend less than INR 1.90lakh in a year, this card will hurt you with its annual fee. If you spend 1.9 lakh, your savings will be around 1.5% which is decent.

This card performs best at an annual spend of 4 lakh. If you are a regular traveler and your annual expenses are Rs. 4 lakh or more through a card, then the Amex platinum travel credit card is the best card for you.

That’s all from my side. Now let me know your opinion in the comments 🙂

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  1. Even when we dont get points for insurance , lets say insurance , we would definitely not get the membership points . but will the spends of lets say 2, 00 ,000 [ 2 lakhs ] can be taken in to account for milestone spends of 1.9 lakhs . or only those spends which give membership reward points are only considered for the extra vouchers at 1.9 lakhs rupees ??

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