5paisa Review 2022: Brokerage Charges, Margin, Annual Fee
5Paisa Review

5paisa Review 2022: Brokerage Charges, Margin, Annual Fee

[Last updated – Feb 01, 2022]

5paisa is a popular online discount broker backed by IIFL (a leading finance and investment services company). 

You can save money on brokerage charges with 5paisa because it offers flat fee per trade.

If you are a regular trader you can save decent money on the brokerage only. Let me show with an example;

Let’s take an example

If you do 10 trades (20 trades including buying & selling) of Rs.  10,00,000 every month, you will have to pay charges as below:

ICICI Securities

Brokerage charges: 0.55% (Includes both buying & selling)

Rs.10,00,000 * 0.55% = Rs. 5500

One year cost will be Rs. 5500*12 = Rs. 66,000

Annual brokerage cost of Rs. 66,000 is huge.


Brokerage charges: Rs. 20/order 

20 trades * Rs. 20 = Rs. 400

One year’s cost will be Rs. 400 * 12 = Rs. 4,800.

If you trade for Rs. 10,00,000 in 20 trades, you will have to pay Rs. 4,800 only.

5paisa Brokerage Charges 

5paisa offers 3 plans to its customers; You get one regular plan and two addon packs – Power Investor & Ultra Trader.

Brokerage charges are different for different plans. 5paisa offers Rs. 20 per order for the regular plan and Rs. 10 per order for both addon packs. You get free 100 trades every month if you are an Ultra Trader pack user.

You also get Call Trading totally free with Ultra Trader pack.

SegmentRegularPower Investor Pack
Ultra Trader Pack
Stock DeliveryRs. 20/orderRs. 10/orderRs. 10/order
Stock IntradayRs. 20/orderRs. 10/orderRs. 10/order (First 100 trades free every month)
Stock F&ORs. 20/orderRs. 10/orderRs. 10/order
Commodity F&ORs. 20/orderRs. 10/order (For Equity options Rs. 2/lot)Rs. 10/order (For Equity options Rs. 2/lot)
Call Trade ChargesRs. 100/callRs. 100/callFree

5paisa Annual Charges 

5paisa doesn’t charge annual maintenance charges directly, however for the  Optimum plan users have to pay Rs. 45/month as maintenance charges only in the month they have traded.

5paisa takes Rs. 499/month for the Power Investor pack and Rs. 999/month for the Ultra Trader pack. There are no maintenance charges on these two plans.

Account opening charges are Rs. 650/- (GST extra). However, you can open a free account using this link. (special offer).

Benefits of 5paisa Demat and Trading Account 

  • Zero brokerage and a flat fee per trade
  • Inexpensive for regular trader and investor
  • Easy &  paperless account opening
  • User-friendly  mobile app
  • Investment, trading, insurance, and loan facilities under one roof

Cons of 5paisa Demat & Trading Account 

  • The mobile app gives errors sometimes in peak hours
  • Trade overcall is Rs. 100/trade which is costly as compared to rivals.

5paisa Additional Products

#1. Swing Trader

You can use this unique tool for short-term trading. Swing Trader gives short-term trading ideas for 2 days to 20 days based on CANSLIM methodology. This strategy implements both technical analysis and fundamental analysis that increases the chances of success.

You get a quick overview for each of your trade including trade setup, profit goal, and stop loss.

Swing-trader 5paisa Review

Easy to read charts give you more detailed information to take instant decisions. Along with that, you get email & SMS alerts to remain updated.

#2. Smart Investor

The Smart  Investor tool is for those who want to invest in stocks for long-term wealth creation. 5paisa research team experts help you pick the right stock for your investment goal.

 Smart Investor

You can see all the stocks in the model portfolio. You are able to check what stocks are recently added & removed by the team. 

You can track promising stocks in the BUY watchlist to add in the portfolio and keep a close watch on the SELL watchlist to remove the stocks that are not performing well.

#3. Small  Case

Small  Case

If you are a first-time investor you can build a diversified, long-term portfolio using Small Case.  You can create a diversified portfolio of 50 stocks and buy them in 1 click. 

You can also setup & invest in Mutual Funds/SIPs using Small Cases. You can invest based on trending ideas, theme, strategy in the Small Case.

#4. SensiBull


Sensibull is an options trading platform that offers ‘Options Trading’ using powerful strategies. You can create your own strategies using tools like Open Interest Analyser, Option Analyser, Screeners, and many more.

You can visualize your trade’s profit & loss under different scenarios with the help of charts. You can also track your trades & strategies using SensiBull.

If you are a new investor, you can learn & practice F&O trading without real money using a ‘Virtual’ trading simulator. 

#5. Insurance

You can get health & term insurance from 5paisa’s portal. 

In my experience, when I tried to open insurance options from a web portal, it was giving error but successfully opened it from the mobile app.

#6. Loans

5paisa offers instant pre-approved loans to its customers. Their software algorithm calculates your eligibility as per your details available to 5paisa. 

You can get the loan amount disbursed the same day if you meet the eligibility criteria of the platform.  

The whole process is paperless & hassle-free. 

#7. Margin Facility

5paisa offers margin on 3  different products; MIS, Bracket, and Cover Orders.

The margin provided on all products is 3-12.5% that is 8x depending on the scrip.

As per SEBI’s new guidelines, no broker can give a high amount of leverage to their customers.

5paisa Trading Platforms 

#1. Mobile Trading

Mobile Trading

All in One:  You can use this app for all your trading and investing needs including stocks, MFs, gold, insurance, research, and advisory. You can also avail instant paperless loans.

Simple: Easy and intuitive user interface suitable for both traders and investors.

Auto Investor: You can avail this advisory feature to easily select different plans based on your specific goals.

Real Time: Get live updates and market news for better decision making.

Powerful Tools: Advanced charts and multi-asset watchlist for extensive analysis.

Forum Access: You can also interact with like-minded people at the 5paisa forum through the mobile app.

5 paisa School: You can learn about investing in the stock market through different courses available in the School segment using the mobile app.

#2. Trade Station Web

Trade Station Web

Trade Station Web is an online trading platform offering fast trading. You can do easy trade execution using any browser like chrome, firefox or safari.

User-friendly design & single-window interface for an all-around experience. You get a sleek visualization of your portfolio, positions, holdings.

You can make informed investing decisions with advanced charts, updated market trends, and custom watchlist. 

You can use order slicing for placing large orders in a single click. 

You have a new feature that allows you to convert your intraday position into delivery and vice versa.

#3. Trade Station Exe

Trade Station Exe

If you are an active trader, you can use Trade Station Exe for faster execution of trades. It is a superior & highly secure desktop-based trading platform that allows you trading at a lightning-fast speed. 

Monitoring: You can customize watchlists based on your personal preferences. You also get advanced charting tools for the real-time track of stock trends.

User friendly: You can use handy shortcuts to enhance your trading experience. 

You can also transfer funds instantly from your bank account or vice versa.

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#4. Algo  Trading

Algo  Trading is an automated trading program to place orders without manual intervention. It analyses market data based on predefined parameters.

This feature is for experienced professional traders or technical analysts who already have the buy & sell strategies and want to automate them. This is equally good for wealth managers who are trading on their client’s behalf.


  • Automate decisions to reduce action time and avoiding human emotions while trading.
  • Helps in widening the strategies to a bigger range that manually is not feasible.

Comparison Between 5paisa and Upstox 

Let’s compare two leading online discount brokers to have a better understanding.

Trade Fee is Rs. 20/order for the basic plan.
Rs. 10/order in premium addon packs but you have to pay monthly charges.
Rs. 20/order or 0.05% brokerage whichever is lower.

The premium plan offers Rs. 30/trade or 0.10% brokerage whichever is lower, but no monthly charges.
No 3-in-1 account offerOffers 3-in-1 (Demat+Trading+Savings) Account in partnership with IndusInd bank
3  different plans as per the trading frequency to suit all types of customersOnly 2 plans – Basic plan for new people & Priority plan for aggressive traders with additional facilities.
All-in-One account for investments in stocks, mutual funds, insurance & loans.Upstox doesn’t offer loans and insurance.

Conclusion (Final Review)

5paisa is a good platform for new traders as it has a pretty easy interface and all options under one roof.

You can also practice F&O on a virtual platform before starting real investment. 

If you are a professional, you can take advantage of flat trade fees and save money on high volume trades.

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