Vitalik Buterin Networth 2022 (The Man Behind Ethereum)

The Ethereum co-founder and significant person Vitalik Buterin came into highlight (especially in India) when he donated cryptocurrency worth around $1.1 billion to The India COVID-19 Relief Fund.

He donated 500 Ethereum coins and over 50 trillion SHIB coins. The donation was called the “mother of all donations”. 

Let’s discuss Vitalik Buterin Networth, who is the co-found of the world’s 2nd largest cryptocurrency “Ethereum” after Bitcoin. Today Ethereum’s total market capitalization is at a current level of $337.5 Billion as per Cointelegraph (only behind Bank of America and Walt Disney).

ether market cap

Vitalik invented Ethereum at the age of merely 21. He got the idea of Ethereum after several meetings with Bitcoin developers across the globe which eventually made him think about solutions to bitcoin’s many limitations.

The beginning of project started after the development of digital money. He revealed the history of creating a unit after the Bitcoin Code footstep. In 2013 he began to ask other investors who could help him invest in the project. However, no one paid much attention to his initial plan and the creation of a new unit.

Instead of asking others, the young entrepreneur decided to trade with Bitcoin and used Crowd Sourcing. He utilizes the Bitcoin platform to generate the money and utilize it for the startup. 

In 2018, he tweeted the value of ETH would be going above 4000 dollars. ETH’s valuation in his digital account is tremendous and robust to make him a successful entrepreneur today. 

However, he is not done yet, as he is significantly looking at the other creations and trying to create more ecosystems for his digital money.

Vitalik Buterin Net Worth in 2022

As per Forbes magazine’s last report, Vitalik Buterin possesses 325,104 ETH in his all wallets and that could be worth $1.5 billion (1,16,34,56,25,000 in Rupees).

You might not aware but Vitalik Buterin also had SHIB tokens worth more than $25 billion in amount. These SHIB coins were transferred to Buterin by an unidentified developer.

But as per Ethereum analytics platform Etherscan, Buterin holds only 3,457,471 SHIB tokens, around $220 in amount as he had dumped most of his SHIB coins into charity.

Vitalik Buterin Early Life


He is from Russia, born in a family where his father worked as a computer scientist and his mother housewife. 

He has had a great interest in computer and scientific research from the beginning. Instead of staying in Russia, the family decided to migrate to Canada to have a better influence on him. 

His father introduced him to bitcoin in 2011 but he didn’t pay much attention in the beginning but fell in love with cryptocurrency later on.

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Vitalik Buterin’s Education, Career, and Ethereum Project

#1. Education & Early Career

Being a fantastic software engineer and creator of digital money, he decided to explore his talent. He invested many years to understand the coding language and cryptography.

In 2011, Vitalik Buterin started writing for a crypto magazine called Bitcoin Weekly. Later on, Buterin co-founded along with Mihai Alisie, a new print publication as a leading writer called, Bitcoin Magazine.

During his grading education, he attended the class with the other students; however, he never missed the opportunity to show his talent in math and computer.

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#2. Awards Won by Vitalik Buterin  

Doctrate by Swiss university to Vitalik

Vitalik won a bronze medal in the 2012 International Olympiad in Informatics held in Sirmione – Montichiari, Italy. He collaborated with other developers around the world during the Olympiad. 

He returned to Canada to write his white paper for the Ethereum blockchain project.

He was also honored with the World Technology award in 2014 and captured a place on ‘Fortune 40’ list in 2016.

He became the youngest successful entrepreneur at the age of 23 years as per Forbes’s potential entrepreneur under 30 list of 2017.

In 2018, The University of Basel awarded an honorary doctorate to Vitalik Buterin for his outstanding achievements in the fields of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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#3. Ethereum Project

Vitalik Buterin published his white paper on Ethereum in 2013. He received a $100,000 grant in 2014 from billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel’s ‘Theil Fellowship’, which made him drop his university education and start working on Ethereum full-time. 

With the help of another personality Charles Hokinson, he finally created Ethereum but both get separated in 2014 when they got indulged in a dispute over Ethereum’s future prospectus. Charles left Ethereum while Buterin continued with his ambitious project.

He attended the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami in 2014 to announce his digital money – Ethereum. He engaged the crowd with a fantastic speech on the potential of the functional unit. 

During his speech at the conference, he mentioned many things about Ethereum like better usability to build distributed applications and smart contracts. 

Formerly announced about finding the new industries from Ethereum. He convinced everyone that Ethereum would bring a new innovative sector beyond the possibilities of today’s market.

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Final Thoughts

The Ethereum developer’s perseverance made him build the world’s 2nd largest cryptocurrency along with numerous wealth. He sees blockchain technology as the most powerful equalizer to governments and big tech giants who surveil the entire world.

However, he is worried about the future of cryptocurrencies becoming the puppet of governments and big companies like Meta.

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