Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card Review (4 Key Features Explained)

India is developing at an exponential rate. A few years ago, when malls were launched in India, people shifted purchases from generic products to buying from brands. 

Slowly digitalization came into the picture and buying at leisurely comfort took control. People all over the country now prefer scrolling through everything and buying it online. Be it grocery, footwear, clothes, or any other item per se.

To help such everyday spending online or offline; Standard Chartered has launched a smart credit card. You can term this experience as a completely new way of spending on your necessities as well as leisure. You can apply for credit card through their official website. 

SC smart credit card offers numerous benefits, making it an attractive choice today. Let’s see some of the key features of the Smart Credit Card.

4 Key Features Of Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

#1. Cashback Facility For Both Online And Offline Payments

Cashback is something that is eyed by every individual when opting for a credit card. Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card offers a flat cashback facility.

If you spend on your online shopping, you will get a flat cashback of 2%, limiting to Rs 1,000/- a month, while for offline spending, you will get a flat cashback of 1%, limiting to Rs 500 a month.

This means the more you spend, the more you save!  Moreover, there is no constraint on spending as a cashback will be awarded for all spending, with the aforementioned capping.

#2. Additional Supplementary Credit Card Facility

To extend the joy of spending with family members, Standard Chartered offers additional supplementary credit cards for your family. This eliminates the need of keeping your card at home for family needs.

Now you can carry your card and your family can have their own card. Thus, easing things for all and avoiding the hassle of keeping cash at home.

#3. Free Yourself From The “Cash” Hassle

A smart credit card is easy to carry in your wallet. With the banks charging for cash withdrawals at ATMs, now you don’t have to worry about the cash reserves in your pockets.

When you spend through your smart credit card, you in fact earn cashback. Hence, making it a superb option to leave the old habits of cash payments and switch to smart pay.

#4. Zero Processing Fees for EMI Conversion

Usually, there is always a fee for converting credit card spending into  EMI. With the smart credit card, you can convert the same for free.

Additionally, the monthly interest rate is only  0.99%  which is low in comparison to other similar credit cards available today.  Thus, you can spend for their needs without overthinking even for a minute.

Why Credit Cards Are Termed A Smart Way Of Shopping Now

In the earlier years, we had to take time out to go to a specific location by spending time and money on the commute for shopping for our favorite products.

This issue has now been taken care of by online shopping where all your favorite products are delivered free at your doorstep. In the process, you need to pay the amount at the moment or at the time of delivery.

But when there are facilities like a credit card that offer the privilege of a 45-day credit window to pay back the dues, why not grab such opportunities and consider the smartest way to shop in today’s times.

Let us check a couple of advantages of using this smart technique to pay all your bills.

Advantages Of Using Smart Ways Of Payments

  • Loyalty points, rewards, and cashback offers.
  • Build credit scores to avail of instant loans and ease of foreign travel.
  • The payment gateway is taken care of by the company and is extremely safe if a credit card is availed from a reputed bank.
  • Ease of international transactions.
  • Conversion of payments to EMIs.

When so many perks can be obtained via a credit card, why not apply for a profitable card like the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card.

 Let us see the eligibility criteria for application for Smart Credit Card:

  • The age of the applicant should be between 18 and 65
  • The minimum age of the supplementary cardholder should be 18
  • The monthly income of the applicant should be stable. The only thing is that the applicant needs to procure income documents.
  • The applicant should be from the list of cities with a Standard Chartered presence

These are just the basic needs that are checked by the Standard Chartered Bank when you apply for a credit card. Once the card is approved, you can start shopping and avail the facilities offered.

Final Thoughts 

After checking numerous benefits like cashback on offline/online payments, and zero processing fee on EMIs, SC smart credit card is an ideal way of paying your bills with a 45-days credit window. That would help you avoid the hassle of keeping cash with you. 

But a word of caution, always track your expenses regularly and spend limited money through credit cards that you can easily pay back later on.

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