How to Unblock RBL Credit Card

If your RBL credit card is blocked, the process to unblock your RBL credit card will depend on the reason for the block. 

Here are the steps to take if your card is blocked for any of the following reasons: 

Unblock RBL Credit Card Depending on the Reason for Block

#1. In Case Your Credit Card is Blocked Due to Over-Utilization 

When you exceed your credit limit, your credit card is automatically blocked. To unblock it, you will need to make a payment to reduce your outstanding balance and free up some of your credit limit. Once you have made the payment, your credit card will be unblocked.

#2. Due to Payment Defaults

Your RBL credit card is blocked when you skip multiple payments. To unblock your card, you need to clear all outstanding dues and penalties. Once you have done this, you can contact the bank to reactivate your credit card.

#3. Due to Suspicious Activity

In case of suspicious activity, both the bank and the cardholder will block the credit card. 

If any transaction seems suspicious, the bank block your credit card & will call you to verify it.  You need to provide additional information to verify your transactions. Once the transaction is verified, your credit card will be unblocked.

In Case of Permanently Block Your RBL Credit Card

If your RBL credit card is permanently blocked, it is not possible to unblock it. In such cases, the only solution is to re-issue a new card from the bank. You can reach out to the customer care of RBL Bank and request for a new card.

The bank will charge you a replacement card fee which is Rs. 200. The replacement card will be sent to your registered address within 7-10 working days.

Different Ways to Unblock Your Temporarily Blocked RBL Credit Card

If your RBL credit card is temporarily blocked, you can unblock your RBL credit card through customer care or RBL mobile app

#1. Through Customer Care

Step #1. Call the RBL customer care number and follow the IVR instructions to connect with a customer care representative. RBL customer care number – 1800 121 9050 or 022-62327777 and the SuperCard customers can call at 022-71190900.

Step #2. Request the customer care executive to reactivate your RBL credit card.

Step #3. Provide any required information, such as your card number, name, date of birth, and card expiry date.

Step #4. Once the verification process is complete, your credit card will be unblocked.

#2. Via RBL Mobile App

Step #1. Log in the “RBL MyCard” app using your MPIN.

Step #2. You will see the “Switch On Card” option instead of “settings” on the home screen or main dashboard of the app. 

Step #3. To unblock your RBL credit card, simply turn on the toggle switch under the “Switch On Card” option.

Step #4. Your RBL credit card will be activated instantly, and you will be able to use it right away for making purchases or payments.


If you have any query regarding the process of unblocking your RBL credit card, let me know in the comments section below.

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