Zerodha vs 5Paisa Demat Account Unbiased Comparison 2022
5paisa vs Zerodha

Zerodha vs 5Paisa Demat Account Unbiased Comparison 2022

Last updated -29.01.2022

5paisa and Zerodha are among the best discount brokers in India that offer discounted brokerage. On side, Zerodha is established as biggest discount broker in India on the basis of their customer base.

Other side, 5paisa is emerging service provider know for fastest account opening process and their user friendly mobile app.

For better understanding, let’s compare 5paisa vs Zerodha

5paisa Demat Account Review

5paisa is the cheapest discount broker in India with the lowest brokerage charges. 5paisa offers a flat fee of Rs 10 per trade irrespective of the trade volume. 

5Paisa Brokerage Charges

5paisa offers 3 plans – Normal Regular Plan, Power Investor Addon Pack & Ultra Trader Addon Pack.

Brokerage charges are different for different plans as given below.

SegmentRegularPower Investor Pack
Ultra Trader Pack
Stock DeliveryRs. 20/orderRs. 10/orderRs. 10/order
Stock IntradayRs. 20/orderRs. 10/orderRs. 10/order (First 100 trades free every month)
Stock F&ORs. 20/orderRs. 10/orderRs. 10/order
Commodity F&ORs. 20/orderRs. 10/order (For Equity options Rs. 2/lot)Rs. 10/order (For Equity options Rs. 2/lot)
Call Trade ChargesRs. 100/callRs. 100/callFree

5Paisa Margin Provided

Equity Intraday Trading Up to 20x
Equity DeliveryUp to 4x
Equity Futures Intraday Trading 3.5x
Equity Options Intraday Trading1x
Currency Futures Intraday Trading1 time
Currency Options Intraday Trading1x

5Paisa Account Opening Charges 

  • 5paisa charge Rs. 45/month as maintenance charges only in the month they have traded for regular plan
  • 5paisa takes Rs. 499/month for the Power Investor Addon Packand Rs. 999/month for the Ultra Trader Addon Pack
  • The registration fee to open a Demat account with 5paisa Demat is Rs. 650, which is non-refundable.

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5Paisa Trading Platforms 

5paisa has four different trading platforms that you can select based on your trading requirements. 

#1. 5Paisa Mobile Trading App Review


Around 2 million customers use 5paisa mobile app trading platform. You can use this app for all your trade and invest needs in stocks, mutual fund, commodity, currency, insurance, research, and advisory.

#2. 5Paisa Trade Station Web

Trade Station Web

Trade Station Web is the browser-based trading platform of 5paisa. This trading platform of 5paisa has an advanced user interface to offer intuitive trading experience.

You can access the Trade Station Web from your laptop, computer, and mobile devices.

#3. Trade Station EXE


Trade Station EXE is a desktop application that can be installed on a computer. This trading platform offers advanced charting, fast and reliable real-time data, and seamless navigation across all investment products.

#4. Algo Trading

Algo Trading is for the experienced and professional trader who knows the risks and rewards in Algo trading. Algo Trading is an automated form of trading that uses your predefined parameters on a computer program to trade on your behalf. 

5Paisa Best For

If you are a beginner,  5paisa will be the easiest platform for you to start your trading journey.

5paisa is also suited for traders who want to save money on brokerage charges.

You can enjoy stocks trading, mutual funds investments, insurance and loans all at one place.

5Paisa Advantages 

  • Fast online account opening procedure
  • Lowest and fixed brokerage charges
  • Free and easy to use trading platforms

5Paisa Disadvantages

  • 5paisa doesn’t offer NRI Trading & Demat account 
  • You have to pay Rs. 100 per call to use call & trade feature of 5paisa
  • Low performance during peak hours sometimes

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Zerodha Demat & Trading Account Review 

Zerodha is the largest discount broker in India, based in Bangalore. Zerodha charges a fixed brokerage of Rs 20 per trade, irrespective of trade volume.

If you are a regular trader, Zerodha can help you to save huge money on brokerage.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges

Zerodha offers Rs 20 per executed order and zero brokerage on stock delivery.

Transaction TypeBrokerage
Equity DeliveryZero Brokerage
Equity IntradayRs 20 per executed order or 0.03% whichever is lower
Equity FuturesRs 20 per executed order or 0.03% whichever is lower
Equity OptionsRs 20 per executed order
Currency Futures & OptionsRs 20 per executed order or 0.03% whichever is lower
Commodity F&ORs 20 per executed order or 0.03% whichever is lower

Zerodha Margin Provided

Equity DeliveryNo Margin
Equity Intraday Up to 12.5 x
Equity Futures40% of the normal margin (NRML)
Equity OptionsNo margin on buying, 2.5x on selling
Currency Futures40% of the normal margin (NRML)
Currency OptionsNo margin
Commodity40% of the normal margin (NRML)

Zerodha Account Opening Charges 

Zerodha account opening charges are as below-

  • Equity trading account – Rs. 200
  • Commodities account – Rs. 100
  • Annual Maintenance Charges – Rs 75 per quarter (Rs. 300 annually)

Zerodha Trading Platforms

#1. Kite

Zerodha Kite

Kite is a web-based trading platform that has powerful features like advanced charting, and real-time widgets. 

You can search across 90,000+ stocks across multiple exchanges instantly. You get multiple MarketWatch and live market depths up to level-3.

This trading platform is free for all users. 

#2. Console

Zerodha Console

Zerodha provides you a central dashboard “Console” to manage different account activities such as adding bank, insights about your trades and investments with in-depth reports and visualizations.

You can also retrieve the history of your stocks trade from the day of acquisition. You can download your contract notes at the end of the day and even apply for IPO using UPI right through the Console.

#3. Coin


Zerodha Coin is a direct mutual fund platform. Coin offers mutual funds directly. You don’t have to pay a commission while buying funds.

You can use the “Coin” app on your smartphone to invest in mutual funds from anywhere.

#4. Kite Mobile App


Kite Mobile is the Android and iOS app for Zerodha users, one of the most advanced trading mobile apps.

Kite Mobile provides live streaming data from BSE, NSE, and MCX.

70% of Zerodha users trade through Kite Mobile App.

#5. Sentinel

Sentinel is a cloud-based price alerting tool for the users. You will get alerts on stocks, futures and options, bonds, and commodities for free. You can even set alerts for 80,000+ stocks, bonds, commodities, F&O contracts.

Best For

If you are a regular trader who needs low brokerage charges, Zerodha can be your choice.

Zerodha Advantages

  • Best trading platforms and tools in the trading industry
  • No hidden charges 
  • Best discount broker in India with a huge number of clients
  • Fixed and low brokerage fee
  • Low call and trade charges

Zerodha Disadvantages

  • Server gets hung during peak hours

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5paisa Vs Zerodha (comparison table) 

#1. General Comparison

Brokerage PlansRs 10 to Rs. 20 per executed order varies plan-wiseRs. 20 per executed order or 0.03% whichever is lower
Call & Trade ChargeRs 100 per callRs 20 per executed trade
Supported ExchangeNSE, BSENSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX
Trading Account Opening ChargeRs. 650Rs. 300 
Demat Account Opening ChargeFreeRs. 100
Trading Account AMCFreeFree
Demat Account AMCRs. 400Rs. 300
Customer Support4 / 5 rating4.5 / 5 rating

#2. 5paisa Vs Zerodha Brokerage Charges

Equity Delivery
Zero brokerage to Rs. 20 per executed order varies plan-wise Free
Equity Intraday Rs 10 to Rs. 20 per executed order varies plan-wise 0.03% or Rs. 20 whichever is lower
Equity Futures Rs 10 to Rs. 20 per executed order varies plan-wise 0.03% or Rs. 20 whichever is lower
Equity Options Rs 10 to Rs. 20 per executed order varies plan-wise Flat Fee Rs. 20
Currency Futures Rs 10 to Rs. 20 per executed order varies plan-wise 0.03% or Rs. 20 whichever is lower
Currency Options Rs 10 to Rs. 20 per executed order varies plan-wise Flat Fee Rs. 20
Commodity Trading Rs 10 to Rs. 20 per executed order varies plan-wise Flat Fee Rs. 20

#3. 5paisa Vs Zerodha Account Features

Account Features5paisaZerodha
SMS AlertsYesNo
3 in 1 Account NoNo
Algo TradingYesYes
Online DemoYesYes
Online PortfolioNoYes

#4. 5paisa Vs Zerodha Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms5paisaZerodha
Desktop platformYesYes
Web Trading platformYesYes
Mobile AppYesYes

#5. 5paisa Vs Zerodha Margin / Leverage

Margin / Leverage5paisaZerodha
Equity DeliveryUp to 4xNo
Equity IntradayUp to 20x Up to 12.5x
Equity Futures3.5x40% of NRML Margin
Equity Options1xZero on buying, 2.5x on selling
Currency Futures & Options1x 40% of NRML Margin
Commodity F&ONil 40% of NRML Margin

#6. 5paisa Vs Zerodha Order Types

Order Types5paisaZerodha
CNC Order YesYes
MIS Order YesYes
NRML OrderYesYes
Cover OrderYesYes
Bracket OrderYesYes
AMO-After Market Orders YesYes
GTC-Good Till CancelledYesYes


You can open 5 Paisa account if you want to save a huge on your brokerage charges by paying flat fee of Rs. 10.

But if you are experienced trader and want robust trading platform then open Zerodha Account.

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