Fyers vs UpStox 2022- Compare Brokerage Charges, Fee, Service
fyers vs upstox

Fyers vs UpStox 2022- Compare Brokerage Charges, Fee, Service

Last updated – January 28, 2022

Upstox and FYERS both provide discount brokering services in India. Upstox is a Ratan Tata backed startup which is one of the fastest-growing company from a few years.

FYERS is, on the other hand, is new in this domain that was started in August 2015. FYERS is getting popularity due to its low brokerage along with free equity delivery. 

FYERS which is still growing if we talk about its services, while Upstox is now a popular name with highest account openings in last year. Upstox provide better service and trading platforms as compared to Fyers.

Let’s compare Fyers vs Upstox side by side

Upstox Vs Fyers

Upstox charges brokerage Rs. 20/order on trading.
Equity delivery is Free.
FYERS charges brokerage Rs. 20/order.
Deep research based market analysis with 100+ technical indicatorsFYERS provide upto 70 plus technical indicators for market analysis
Easy online process to open a 3-in-1 account. Only discount broker to provide this facilityNo such facility.
UpStox offers mutual funds investment.Doesn’t offer mutual funds investment
Backed by Industry pioneers like Ratan TataNew face in the industry

Upstox Demat & Trading Account Review

Upstox offers you the best technology for seamless trading along with flat brokerage charges of Rs 20 irrespective of the trade volume. I personally like the Upstox’s trading platforms which are one of the fastest as compared to other discount brokers in India.

If you are regular trader and face downtime in trading platforms then you must open Upstox account. You would get your account in one day after submitting all the documents online. You can check Upstox complete review.

Upstox 3-in-1 Account

UpStox also offers 3-in-1 account with the collaboration with Indusind bank. You will get savings account, demat and trading account all 3 accounts connected with each other. You can enjoy interest on money in the trading account similar to a normal savings account.

Upstox Brokerage Charges

UpStox gives free delivery of stocks but charges brokerage on trading. UpStox offers two types of brokerage plans – Basic and Priority.

#1. Basic plan

You get upto 20X margin on cash equities trading and you have to pay a discount brokerage of Rs. 20 per order or 0.05% (whichever is lower).

Basic plan is for the newcomers with low trading volume.

#2. Priority plan

Priority Plan is for professional traders. You pay Rs. 30 per trade or 0.10% (whichever is lower). If you are an active trader you will get a benefit of upto 27x leverage on the cash equities segment.

Two packs under Priority Plan

  • Upstox charges Rs. 999/month for equities, F&O and CDS.
  • Rs. 499/month plan for commodities.
Equity DeliveryZero
Equity Intraday TradingBasic Plan – Rs. 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
Priority Plan – Rs. 30 or 0.10% (whichever is lower)
Equity OptionsFlat Rs. 20 per executed order 
Equity FuturesRs. 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
Currency OptionsFlat Rs. 20 per executed order 
Commodity OptionsFlat Rs. 20 per executed order 
Commodity FuturesRs. 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower)

#3. Call n trade charges 

You can also place your trades via phone for Rs. 20 + taxes. First 10 calls are free every month.

Upstox Margin Details

You get 50% of your trade value up to Rs. 5 lakh. You get margin facility on equities, F&O, currency, and commodities Futures if you are a UpStox customer.

Here are the details of margin leverage provided by UpStox.

SegmentIntraday ordersCO/OCO Orders
NSE/BSE Cash15x20x20x27x
Index Futures3x6x20x28x
Stock Futures3x3x5x6x
Index Option Sell3x6x3x4x
Stock Option Sell3x3x3x3x
NSE Currency4x4x4x5x
MCX Future2.5x3x3x4x
NSE Option Buy1.33x2x

Account Opening Charges 

  • Upstox account opening charges – Rs 600
  • Upstox Annual maintenance charges – 25/month

I have a special deal for my readers. Your account opening charges would be waived off if you apply through my link

Upstox Trading Platforms Review

#1. Pro web

A powerful HTML based trading platform that smartly analyses market and provide you different charts with the latest market trends to make informed decisions. 


Benefits of Upstox pro web are

  • You get more than 100+ indicators to customize your charts for better trading experience.
  • You can ‘One-Click’ features to preset your preferences and quicklly buy/sell during high volatility period.
  • You can use different widgets to give it a personal feel.
  • You can also set up multiple workplaces and shuffle smoothly between your trading systems.

#2. Pro mobile

You can use the power of Pro web on your smartphone and trade in the market on the go. You can keep track of orders and trading activities. You can also customize charts and place orders right from your phone.

UPSTOX pro mobile

Major benefits of Pro mobile

  • You can also place cover orders and bracket orders using Pro mobile
  • Get latest price alerts on your phone keep yourself updated about market trends
  • You can also use this app on slow internet connections.

#3. Developer

If you know coding this platform is for you. UpStox developer is an app development platform provided by UpStox for developers to create personalized trading apps. 


Upstox provides libraries that work with ios, android and web browsers. Upstox also provides documentation and guides for easy understanding while coding the app. 

#4. Algolab

Algolab is a dedicated panel to place orders from Amibroker AFL. If you are using Amibroker for your research analysis, then you can use UpStox’s Algolab and place orders directly from Amibroker without any delay.

Not only you can place orders but you can also view and modify orders. You get a notification on your screen (web or mobile) whenever your strategy on Amibroker

AFL triggers an order placement alert.  AlgoLab works as a bridge between Upstox and Amibroker AFL platforms.

#5. Mutual funds

You can invest in mutual funds if you are not confident about stocks right now. You can create a diversified portfolio at Upstox’s mutual funds’ platform for lesser risk and better returns aligned with your goals.

You can also start SIP for a regular monthly investment (best suitable for salaried people).

Best For

UpStox is best for both new investors who can take advantage of free equity delivery. 

Along with them, professionals can also enjoy trading with discount brokerage and with priority plan, you can get better leverage on cash segment by paying monthly fee.

Amibroker users have an advantage of placing direct orders in real time right from their research platform. If you are a developer you can create your own trading app based on UpStox’s API platform. 

Also read Upstox vs Zerodha


  • Different plans for regular investor and active trader
  • High margin leverage for priority plan customers
  • 3-in-1 account offer gives a hassle free funds transfer facility from savings to trading account and vice versa.
  • Multiple chart indicators for better analysis
  • App development platform for developers
  • Additional partner trading platforms available for professional traders.
  • Amibroker users can place orders from their research platform in real time.


  • Slows down in peak hours
  • No IPO investment facility
  • No direct investment in mutual funds

FYERS Demat Account Review

FYERS is a Bengaluru based brokerage firm that started in 2015  to provide cost-effective discount brokerage in India.  FYERS offers a unique thematic investing in which you get multiple options to invest for the long term investment based on different investment ideas.

Each theme has some set of stocks related to an investment idea rather than having a group of individual stocks.

For example, if you take Consumerism idea as theme investment. Consumerism theme will have shares from retail, FMCG, food & beverage space.

Let’s go through their other demat account benefits.

FYERS Brokerage Charges

Apart from free brokerage on equity delivery and flat Rs. 20 per executed order brokerage in trading.

In regular investing or trading brokerage charges are as below.

Equity DeliveryZero
Equity Intraday  TradingRs. 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower)
Equity OptionsFlat Rs. 20 per executed order 
Equity FuturesRs. 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower)
Currency OptionsFlat Rs. 20 per executed order 
Commodity F&OFlat Rs. 20 per executed order 

In thematic investing, buying shares are Free of brokerage but you have to pay Rs. 100 or 2% (whichever is lower) when you sell your shares.

FYERS Account Opening Charges 

  • Account opening and annual maintenance charges (AMC) are zero.
  • Demat debit charges – Rs. 10 + Rs. 5.50 (CDSL charges).

Trading Platforms

#1. FYERS One

Fyers one

FYERS One is a desktop-based trading application that offers you a real-time analysis of your stocks right from your pc. You can trade seamlessly using this amazing desktop trading software.

The benefits of FYERS One

  • You can create multiple watch lists and track your favorite stocks.
  • You can buy or sell your orders without any delay.
  • More than 60 technical indicators for better analysis of market trends.
  • Advanced charting options available that allow you deeper fundamental and technical analysis.
  • FnO analysis tools help you make an informed choice in Futures and Options trading.
  • Get real-time updates on the latest market trends, meetings, and other important news.

#2. FYERS Web

Fyers web

You can use FYERS Web on your desktop, mobile, tablet or macbook using any web browser for advanced trading experience. FYERS web has advanced features like chart analysis, technical indicators,  price ladder analysis, and trade from the chart, to enhance your trading experience.

Benefits of FYERS Web Platform are

  • More than 70 technical indicators for better analysis of market trends.
  • More than 20 years of data and 300 plus icons for advanced research.
  • Get portfolio tracking, auto-screened ‘futures & options’ strategies and live information feed.
  • You can execute orders from the charts.
  • End-of-day analysis gives you a detailed report of your actions when trading is over.
  • Price ladder visualization can show you price action before placing orders.

#3. FYERS Markets

Fyers markets

FYERS Markets is an advanced mobile trading app that offers you faster trading, multiple screeners, and live feed right on your smartphone.

Benefits of the FYERS Markets

  • You can keep an eyer real time movements of market.
  • You can access order history and trade positions
  • More than 65 indicators to analyze charts for analysis on the go.
  • Instant order placement and order book updates
  • Stock screeners for informed decision making.


You can create your own trading platforms or you can deploy your trading strategies as per your requirements using FYERS API. It is free of cost. 

Benefits of the FYERS API

  • You can automate your trading system by deploying different trading strategies.
  • Startups can use the FYERS platform to build innovative trading platforms to expand capital market ecosystems.
  • Trading/Investing websites can provide a complete experience to their audience using FYERS API.


  • Free brokerage in equity delivery. 
  • Low-cost brokerage in all trading segments
  • Trading platforms available for desktop as well as mobile.
  • API universe to create new trading platforms or deploy strategies.


  • Average customer support
  • Not as powerful trading platforms as Zerodha
  • You can’t invest in IPOs, mutual funds or debentures/bonds
  • No 3-in-1 account facility
  • Less established broker as compared to rivals. 

FYERS vs UpStox (Comparison Table)

Let’s compare Upstox vs Fyers in detail

Basic plan offers Rs. 20/order or 0.05% brokerage whichever is lower. 
Priority plan offers Rs. 30/trade  0.05% brokerage whichever is lower (with monthly charges extra).

Flat brokerage – Rs. 20/order or 0.01% (whichever is lower.)

Thematic investing – Buying free. Selling – Rs. 100 or 2% per order
You can create new platforms and deploy trading strategies if you know coding skills.FYERS API is a strategy deployment platform but you need coding skills.
15x leverage for basic plan and 20x for priority plan users.Up to 7x leverage
Improved trading platforms with multiple options for advanced tradersTrading platforms are not so good as compared to Upstox.
You can invest in mutual funds also.Doesn’t offer mutual funds investment
Backed by industry pioneers like Ratan TataNew face in the industry
Upstox offers 3-in-1 accountNo 3-in-1 account


The brokerage charges are almost same for both Upstox and Fyers. Upstox provide the larger margin as compared to Fyers.

If you ask me the winner between Fyers vs Upstox, I would definatly recommend you to open Upstox account. Because upstox provide better trading experience and service.

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