Angel Broking vs Zerodha - Geniune Broker Comparison 2022
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Angel Broking vs Zerodha – Geniune Broker Comparison 2022

Updated on – 20th Jan 2022

Zerodha and Angel Broking are pioneer brokers in India.

Zerodha is a discount broker that offers a flat brokerage fee of Rs 20 per trade irrespective of trade volume. Zerodha is best for traders.

Angel broking is a leading full-service broker in India that also offers a flat fee per trade.

If you want deep research and tailor-made advisory services to do long term investment then you should go for angel broking.

Angel Broking Vs Zerodha

A brief comparison of Angel Broking vs Zerodha.

ZerodhaAngel Broking
Zerodha is an Online Discount broker Angel Broking is a Full-Service Broker 
Free Equity Delivery and Flat fee of Rs. 20/order.
Free Equity Delivery and Flat fee of Rs. 20/order.
Low account opening fee – Rs. 200High account opening fee – Rs. 699
AMC charges – Rs 300/yearAMC charges Rs. 450/year
Zerodha offers direct mutual funds investment. (More Savings)Angel Broking offers regular mutual funds investment.
Best for – Traders Best for – Long term investors

Let’s compare both Zerodha vs Angel Broking in Details

Zerodha Demat Account Review

Zerodha introduced a flat fee brokerage structure first time in India. 

By the end of 2019, Zerodha became the largest broker in India with a huge customer database of 1.5 million active clients.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges

Zerodha takes no fee on the stock delivery. For intraday, trading charges are Flat Rs. 20 or 0.01%, whichever is lower. 

Intraday trading includes equities, currency, and commodity trading.

Equity DeliveryZero
Equity Intraday  TradingRs. 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)
Equity OptionsFlat Rs. 20 per executed order 
Equity FuturesRs. 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)
Currency OptionsRs. 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) 
Commodity F&ORs. 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)

Zerodha Margin Provided

Zerodha offers margin on 3  different products; MIS, Bracket, and Cover Orders.

The margin provided on all products is 3-12.5% that is up to 8x depending on the script. 

For intraday orders in F&O –

  • For Index, the margin required is 35%.
  • For Stocks, the margin required is 45%.
  • For Commodities & Currency, it is 50%.. 

As per SEBI’s new guidelines, no broker can give a high amount of leverage to their customers.

Zerodha Account Opening Charges 

Account opening charges for Trading & Demat account is Rs. 200 and for commodity account is Rs. 100. Free for the first year.

Other charges

Zerodha’s Annual Maintenance Charge is Rs. 300 that you have to pay quarterly. Means, you have to pay Rs. 75 every three months.

Depository Participant (DP) charges on equity stock are Rs. 13.5 per scrip. You have to pay DP charges when you sell the shares from your Demat Account.

Note: Earlier, Zerodha was also charging on the redemption of mutual funds, which are no longer charged since May 3, 2019.

Zerodha Trading Platforms 

#1. Kite

Kite is a fast & intuitively designed trading platform that allows you to trade equities, F&O, commodities, and currency. You receive updated information with live streaming of the latest market trends without any lag. 

Zerodha Kite

You can search across 90,000+ stocks across multiple exchanges instantly. You get multiple MarketWatch and live market depths up to level-3. 

Kite’s level-3 data gives you deeper insights into market liquidity and allows you to set trading strategies accordingly.

You get 100+ indicators with an advanced charting interface. 

#2. Kite Connect

Kite Connect is a tool to create powerful trading platforms using simple HTTP/JSON APIs. 

Zerodha Kite Connect

You can build your own investment app using these APIs and showcase that to Zerodha’s client base. Coin, SmallCase, and Streak are examples of investment/trading apps built over Kite Connect.

#3. SmallCase

SmallCase allows you to build a diversified, low-cost portfolio for long-term investment purposes.  A small case diversifies your portfolio with multiple stocks and protects you against market volatility of the market.

Small Case Zerodha

You have to pay fees only when you transact for mutual funds without paying any maintenance fee. You can invest in stocks and hold them in your account. 

You can also invest in SIPs for regular & less risky investments if you are a newbie.

#4. Streak

Streak is the world’s first platform for traders to create, backtest, and deploy trading strategies without any coding skills.

You can track real-time market trends, get alerts, and manage positions. 

Zerodha Streak

Streak work in 3 steps:

  1. Create Strategies
  2. Backtest Strategies on old data
  3. Deploy strategies in real-time.

#5. Sensibull

Zerodha has collaborated with  Sensibull to provide customers with the ‘Options Trading’ platform. You can trade Nifty Options, Bank Nifty Options, Stock Options, and many more. 

You can also learn & practice virtually without investing real money.

Sensibull has three plans; Free, Lite, and Pro. 

#6. GoldenPi

Golden Pi is India’s first online platform to invest in bonds and debentures. You can invest in bonds & debentures to get fixed returns on your investments.

3 steps to start investing using GoldenPi-

  1. Choose bonds that match your goals
  2. Complete KYC online
  3. Make the payment online and receive bonds in your  Demat account. 

Best For

Zerodha is best for traders due to flat fee structure and you can create trading strategies with the help of deep market analysis.


  • Free  equity delivery
  • Flat brokerage is cost-effective for a regular trader
  • Hassle-free investments in IPO using UPI payments
  • In-depth reports and vast historical data for better analysis
  • Enable user to invest directly in mutual funds
  • Ease of creating multiple trading strategies & alerts
  • Better customer support, they even quickly respond to Google play reviews.


  • Server slows down during peak hours
  • Limited bank acceptance for NRI account
  • No research-based advice facility for customers.
  • Low margin leverage as compared to Angel Broking

Angel Broking Demat Account Review

Angel broking is a leading full-service broker that offers a flat fee per trade and a high margin for intraday trading beneficial to professional traders.

If you want an advanced trading mobile app, you can go for angel broking. 

Angel Broking Brokerage Charges

Angle broking charge zero brokerage on delivery. 

For Intraday, brokerage charges Rs 20 per order.

Other brokerage charges are as below.

SegmentBrokerage Charges (iTrade Prime)
EquityDeliveryRs 0
EquityIntraday TradingRs. 20 per trade
Equity F&O TradesRs. 20 per order
Currency F&O TradesRs. 20 per order
Commodity F&O TradesRs. 20 per order

Angel Broking Margin Provided

Angel broking provides you margin on day trading as well as delivery. Let’s have a look at the margin leverage provided by angel broking.

EquityDelivery TradingUp to 6x
EquityIntraday Trading40x
Equity Futures4x
Equity Options3x
Currency FuturesUp to 2x
Currency Options2x 
CommodityUp to 3x

Angel Broking Account Opening Charges 

Account Opening Charges are Rs. 699 for the first year.

There are other fees that angel broking charges from clients. That is-

Type Of ChargesRate
AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges )Rs 450 + Tax / Year (Free for the first year)
Call & TradeRs 20/ Order (Additional to Brokerage)
Transaction Charges For Sell (Debit ) &Inter-Settlement Debit Per TransactionRs 20/-
Pledge Creation/ Closure / InvocationRs 25/-
Demat / Remat (Per Certificate )Physical Statements/ DIS Request/ PhysicalContract NotesRs 50/-
Cheque Bounce ChargesRs 350/-
Delay Payment Charges On Outstanding BillAmount If Not Paid Within Due Date1.5 % Per Month (Levied Every 15 Days)

Angel Broking Trading Platforms

1. Angel Broking App

Angel Broking app is powered by a rule-based investment engine called the ARQ technology that helps you invest or trade right from your smartphone.

Not only invest, but you can also stay updated with alerts and share ideas to get maximum returns.

Angel App

Benefits of Angel Broking App

  • Get personalized ideas on the latest market trends aligned with your requirements.
  • You can build your portfolio and track everything like investments on a single page.
  • You can also apply for IPO right from the app.
  • Updated real-time market data.
  • 21 charts to do an in-depth market analysis.
  • Offers UPI based payments
  • The latest news and payment updates so that you don’t miss anything.

2. Angel Broking Trade

Angel broking trade is a web-based trading platform that you can run on your pc browser. You can invest in equities, commodities, bonds, currencies, mutual funds and IPOs under one roof.

You can track all the market trends and understand the market with interactive charts.

Angel Trade

Benefits of Angel Broking Trade

  • You can manage all family members’ accounts with one login.
  • Stay updated with live news and market information.
  • Analyze the risks with comprehensive reports that also include profit and loss reports.
  • One-stop solution for all your investments whether equities, mutual funds, bonds or IPOs.

3. Angle Speed Pro

Angel Speed Pro is a powerful desktop trading software that allows you to enjoy the trading experience on your computer.

Angel Speed Pro

Benefits of Angel Speed Pro

  • You can view Scrip-wise buy price, and also view overall profit/loss.
  • Customize your viewing space by choosing the indicators that you wish to track. You can simply change the indicators and set your preference for your profile.
  • You can also watch and update live market data in excel to make trading decisions.
  • Apply for mutual funds online using angel speed pro
  • Stay updated with live market information.
  • Analyze comprehensive reports for better decisions

Best For

Angel broking is best for long term investors.


  • High margin leverage up to 40x in cash segment
  • Single account for shares, mutual funds, and bonds
  • Operate multiple family member’s accounts under single id
  • UPI payments facility available
  • AI-based advisory


  • Web platform little complex to understand
  • Multiple messages on stock advice are annoying
  • Limited platforms as compared to Zerodha
  • Hidden charges

Angel Broking vs Zerodha (Comparison Table)

A detailed comparison of Angel broking vs Zerodha that will give you more clarity about both brokers.

ZerodhaAngel Broking
Online Discount broker with the largest customer base in IndiaFull-service broker with over 1 million customer base
Doesn’t provide  research advisoryResearch advisory for your investments
Margin provided up to 8xMargin provided up to 40x
Facility to invest in IPO with UPIYou can use UPI payments for stocks or other investments.
Zerodha offers direct mutual funds investment (results in more savings).Angel Broking offers regular mutual funds investment. (you have to pay a commission)
Single id for every clientOperate multiple family member’s accounts under single id

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