Advertising Opportunity on SimpleInterest

SimpleInterest Blog aims to financially literate people by spreading awareness about various new schemes of Government as well as reviewing and recommending IPO and other financial products such as insurance policies, mutual funds, ULIPs etc.

SimpleInterest Blog Statistics? May 2019 Statistics

  • Domain Authority: 35 (Higher Better)
  • Page views: 1,70,000 per month

What are the types of Advertisements and the cost?

We provide two kinds of Advertising Opportunities:

1. Sponsored Posts

Advertiser can provide the topic (product) to write on which should be related to blog niche. A text link (not hyperlink) of the product page will be published with the blog post and will be shared on major social channels.

At the end of the blog post, a small disclaimer to mention that the post is sponsored post will be added.

2. Banner Ads (Text/Images)

(a) 1 slot just above the blog post? 336 x 280, 300 x 300, 300 x 250, 250 x 250, 200 x 200 dimensions – most clicked spot, visible only on single post.

(b) 1 slot in the left sidebar??300 x 600, 300 x 300, 300 x 250, 250 x 250, 200 x 200, 160 x 600, 120 x 600, 125 x 125 dimensions – visible?on each post and home page.

(c) 1 slot at the end of blog post – 336 x 280, 300 x 300, 300 x 250, 250 x 250, 200 x 200 dimensions – visible only on single post.

How to Contact?

Send us an email at

We receive hundreds of emails… so..

For a quick response, include the following information in your email.

  1. Subject: Advertisement on SimpleInterest
  2. A topic that you want to publish
  3. Clearly mention which product you want to get mentioned
  4. Your budget per post (Don’t send us an email if your budget is below $300)

We have limited slots for sponsored posts, so we select the most relevant (& highest bidding) posts. We don’t publish more than one sponsored post per week.